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UV2800 UV-VIS Double Beam Spectrophotometer

UV2800 is double beam UV-VIS spectrophotometer with a big screen and scanning function. New optical system and circuit system make the instrument have high-resolution, low stray light, lasting stability, high-SNR. This instrument can meet the multi-level analysis application requirements. The computer application system of UV-VIS Spectrophotometer can achieve more powerful function for your instrument.


1.Photometric measurement
2.Spectrum scan
3.Quantitative determination
4.Multi-wavelength test
5.Dynamics measurement (time scanning)
6.DNA/Protein concentration measurement
7.Long lasting Stability
8.Ultra-low stray light
9.User friendly interface
10.Can be easily replaced light source
11.Easily upgraded

UV2800/UV2800PC UV2800S/UV2800SPC

Optical System

Double beam Double beam

Spectral Bandwidth

1.8nm 0.5、1、1.8、4nm

Wavelength Range

190~1100nm 190~1100nm

Wavelength Accuracy

±0.3nm ±0.3nm

Wavelength Repeatability

0.2nm 0.2nm

Photometric Range

T:0~200.00%T  A:-0.301~4.0000Abs  C:0~9999 T:0~200.00%T  A:-0.301~4.0000Abs  C:0~9999

Photometric Accuracy

±0.3%T ±0.3%T

Photometric Repeatability

0.1%T 0.1%T

Stray Light

≤0.05%T(220nm, 340nm) ≤0.05%T(220nm, 340nm)

Baseline linearity

±0.001A ±0.001A

Baseline drift

0.0005A/h(500nm) 0.0005A/h(500nm)


100%(T)line noise≤0.1%(T)
0%(T)line noise≤0.05%(T)
100%(T)line noise≤0.1%(T)
0%(T)line noise≤0.05%(T)


320×240 large screen LCD(6 inch) 320×240 large screen LCD(6 inch)


540×445×230mm 540×445×230mm

Price(FOB Shanghai $)

5800/6800 7000/8000