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Lamp: Halogen-Tungsten Lamp 

Optical System:C-T configuration diffraction grating monochromator
Power Supply:100V-240V   50/60Hz
Dimensions: 455×350×150 mm
N.W.: 9Kg
Packing Dimensions: 570×470×310mm
G.W.:11 Kg

Advanced optical system,high quality C-T monochromator and sealed grating,ensure high resolution, high photometric accuracy and low straylight.
Built in SCM technology,auto 0%,auto 100%,error-free T/A transformation.
Transmittance measurement, absorbance measurement, concentration factor setting or concentration direct readout functions.
Spacious sample compartment, 4 position cell rack, adaptable for 1-10cm optical    path rectangular cells.

Wavelength Range:        (330-1000)nm
Wavelength Accuracy:      ±2.0 nm
Wavelength Reproducibility: ≤1.0 nm
Spectral bandwidth:        4 nm
Photometric Accuracy:      ±0.5%(T)
Photometric Reproducibility: ≤0.2%(T)
Stray Light:               ≤0.5%(T)
Photometric range:  TRANS:  0-125.0%(T)
ABS:    -0.301-3.000(A)
CONC:   0-9999
FACTOR: 0-9999

Standard Configuration
1)  722 Spectrophotometer             1 set
2)  Power cable                       1 pc
3)  User’s manual                    1 pc
4)  Certificate of quality checking   1 pc
5)  1cm glass cuvette                 4 cases
6)  5cm 4-cuvette rack (Preassemble)  1 pc
7)  Packing list                      1 pc

Optional Accessories
1)Halogen-Tungsten lamp
2)Glass cuvette 0.5cm,1 cm, 2 cm, 3 cm,5cm,10cm
3)5 cm and 10cm cuvette rack
(5cm rack adaptable for 1-5cm cuvette)
(10cm rack adaptable for 1-10cm cuvette)
4)Praseodymium-Neodymium optical filter