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Soxhlet extractor

Soxhlet extractor is suitable for efficient extraction of solid material compounds. According to siphon principle and the reflux of solvent the extractor repeatedly extracted the mixture of the desired solid components using solvent so as to achieve rapid extraction and enrichment of the desired product. The extractor is suitable for simultaneous extraction of multiple samples. Each heating unit can be regulated separately, so you can do experiments under different conditions, you can also do the repeat experiments under the same conditions. The apparatus can save time and improve working efficiency. Soxhlet extraction composes three parts: extraction bottle, extraction tube and condenser. Both sides of the extraction tube have the siphon tube and the connection tube departly, Each part of the connection should be close and no leak. By using solvent reflux and siphon principle the solid material can be extracted by the pure solvent every time, so extraction efficiency is the high.

Second, the main technical parameters
Sample quantity of each extraction batch: 3
Extraction bottle volume: 500ml
Automatic recovery of the extracted solvent: yes
Power supply voltage: 220v
Electric heating power: 300W

Third, the reagent:
Anhydrous diethyl ether or low boiling petroleum ether (A.R.)

Fourth, Packing List
Name Number Units
Heating device 3 sets
Extraction device 3 sets
Universal clip 3 sets
Cross c 3 sets
Iron sets 3 sets
Rubber tube 2 meters