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QN-5A Bridge Deflection Detector

Bridge deflection detector is mainly used for large-span structures’ deflection and displacement,like,beams,columns,high-rise buildings tower swing shift. Measurement on a variety of dynamic and static deflection of the bridge. The system uses batteries as power supply. High accuracy, easy to use, convenient to operate.

Main features:

High-speed area array CCD ; two-dimensional measurements;

High-speed measurement for dynamic measurement;

Static deflection detection up to 20 points(two-dimension;

Multi-point static measuring mode; measuring points are up to 20 points;


Accomplishment of two-dimensional measurements both in dynamic and static measurement; Capable of real-time display and storage automatically;

Wireless remote control target;

Large-capacity rechargeable batteries

Main technical parameters:

Detection method: Photoelectric imaging measuremen

Detection distance: 10m -500m;

Resolution: within 1%

Accuracy: ± 0.03mm (10 meter dynamic measurement);

Sampling frequency: 100Hz;

Operating humidity: -20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃;;

Relative humidity: ≤ 80%;

Seismic performance: work normal after 16 hours of transport test on tertiary highway

Battery function: 12 consecutive hours if fully charged;

Software function: Maximum and minimum deflection, impact factor, interval data frequency and power spectrum