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Resistivity Meter

Main Applications and Features

By utilizing the apparent resistivity parameters, it is widely used in hydrology, environmental protection, engineering geophysical exploration, metal and non-metal mineral resources exploration.

Microcomputer controlled, direct-reading resistivity, various electrode arranging mode, data protection against power-failure

This instrument applies to Electrical Prospecting such as Vertical Electrical Sounding, Electrical Profiling, Charging Method and Spontaneous Potential Method, etc. on ground and in trench.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Power Supply Voltage: 700V

Maximum Power Supply Current: 3A

Voltage Measuring Range: ±3000mV

Voltage Measurement Accuracy: ±1.5%, ±0.1 mV

Current Measuring Range: 0.1mA~3000mA

Current Measurement Accuracy: ±1.5%, ±0.1mA

SP Compensation Range: -1000mV ~ +1000mV

Instrument Input Impedance: >30MΩ

Working Temperature: -10°C~50°C

Volume: 244×154×237mm

Packing list

Mainframe 1set

AB wire (51 core) 1000M

MN wire  500M

English software ,English manual  1set